Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Relaxed, Rested and Ready to Work

The summer clothes are put away, and it's back to the reality of 45 degrees in New Jersey. Mexico was glorious, and we got out just in time to avoid Hurricane Paula on the Cozumel/Maya Riviera coast. So, once again, the Fates have smiled on us, and Life is Good!

I only painted 2 paintings while on vacation; the rest of the two weeks was spent eating, sunning, and relaxing. I know, it's a tough job I have!

I will post the 2 paintings here, and on Red Bubble, as soon as I get a chance. I got back and dove right into the routine of hearth and home. Actually, it felt good to be home, I missed the kids a lot!

I will grab the memory card and start loading the pictures as soon as I finish my coffee. I've got 2 hours before Lexi is off the bus from Kindergarten. Better get crackin!

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