Friday, December 24, 2010

Thoughts for the Season

Wishing all my readers a very Merry Christmas!  May you all strive to commit random acts of kindness, smile at strangers, and flood the Universe with thoughts of peace, love and good will.  Let's all fill the world with joy, tolerance and gentle grace, so that we can reap the benefits of good Karma and perpetuate the Christmas Spirit throughout the year.

Let us remember the reason for the bright lights, gifts and sharing of friendship, for without Him in our lives, it would be a sad, dark, and lonely place.

I hope you receive everything that you need and desire this Christmas, and pay it forward as best you are able.  We are all one big tribe, and family is not restricted to ancestry and blood lines, but incorporates all the people who make up your days and form your life and share your memories.  No matter what observances you may follow, this is the time to put differences aside and embrace the qualities that make us human and loving and empathetic creatures.  May the light of peace and love shine in your lives and make us all a little better in the coming New Year.

Monday, December 20, 2010

One Last Post for 2010

Just wishing those readers that celebrate Christmas a very Merry and Blessed Christmas, and may the Light continue to shine on you in whatever you endeavor to begin in 2011.  For those of you who do not celebrate Christmas, may the joy and warmth of your holiday envelope you and your family, and to everyone, may there be peace in your lives.

2010 was certainly a roller coaster ride, and offered some life changing decisions.  I lost my employment after 8 years with the store.  Lexi started Kindergarten and Katie started nursing school while working full time at night.   I was able to step in and take over the responsibilities of getting Lexi to school and collecting her off the bus at noontime.  What a blessing to be able to be home at exactly the time I was needed.  In addition, 2010 offered me several opportunities to exhibit my art, and realize the dream of possibly making this art thing happen.  I am so grateful for all of the positive things came happened this year, and I realize it very easily could've gone very wrong very quickly, so I wake up every day and say, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

To all my friends, family and friends I haven't met yet:  Thank YOU for being a part of my life, and showing me what life is all about.  Love and Hugs to you all, may 2011 bring you everything you need and deserve.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Finishing Up

Well, the double horse portrait commission is all done, ready to be delivered.  It's such a good feeling to finish a commission and really be happy with it.  I have posted photos of it on Red Bubble, Fine Art America and Facebook, so you should be able to see it through the Red Bubble link at the top of this page.  So, to quote Jason and Grant, "On to the next!"

Christmas is approaching very rapidly, the tree is up and decorated, and cookie baking has commenced.  Of course, I don't know why I buy cookie tins to keep the cookies in; they don't last long enough to keep! 

The next commission is the winner of my Facebook Photo Contest.  I got so many cool photos in, I may have to award several people, but the first winner is Devon, for her cool abstracty reflections photo.  Can't wait to start it.

Just wanted to check in, and report my progress.  Hope you are making time to do whatever makes you happy at this holiday season.  Enjoy!!