Thursday, May 21, 2009

Exhibits and Shows

The motion for the Art Show was passed last night. Now the hard work begins. I am a little afraid that once more I have bitten off more than I can chew, but I have the support of my wonderful husband and two grown daughters, and I'm sure I can persuade the already very busy and involved people of the Council to chip in and make this work. My dilemma is a moral one at this point. Do I, as the chief organizer of this art show, allow myself to exhibit? I am having mixed feelings about it, part of me feels that I should exclude myself, but the other part of me wants to exhibit. As an artist, I feel that that every opportunity to show and sell should be embraced, and I would certainly pay for my space like everyone else. Does anyone have an opinion on this?? Let me know.

The TRACx81 general meeting was held tonight. Pitifully, only 4 members showed up for the meeting. Our president is stepping down after 2 years for personal reasons, and we need a new leader. We also discussed the necessity of rethinking our future goals and purpose. So a lot of heavy serious discussion was bounced back and forth, but with only four members and one impartial non-member present, not too much was accomplished. I am afraid that if we go in the direction of our original vision, there will be a core group of perhaps 8 people who make all the decisions and do all the work. Pretty much what we have now. So, it looks like we in a state of flux.

now, the good news! Yvonne is having a solo show at the Ocean County Artist's Guild during the month of June. Her show is titled "Playing with Fire" and I can't wait to go! If you don't know Yvonne, she is an amazing glass artist with tremendous insight and creativity. The Artist's Guild is located on the corner of Ocean and Chestnut Streets in Island Heights. Make sure you get to see her work. Awesome stuff.
Playing With Fire - Solo Exhibit - Yvonne Yaar, Glass ArtistSunday, June 7 through Tuesday, June 301:00pm - 4:00pm; opening reception June 7, 1:00pmOcean County Artists' GuildGlass artist Yvonne Yaar creates both wall art/sculpture and glass jewelry. Yvonne feels her art incorporates themes of motherhood, love of nature, humor, politics and addiction. She is also president and founder of the local art co-operative TRACx81.Location: Ocean and Chestnut Avenues, Island HeightsCost: FreePhone: (732) 270-3111Website:

As soon as I get a date nailed down for the Artist's Show and Sale at St. Paul's in Beachwood, I will post it and also start accepting applications for artists. Also look for a list of upcoming art events for the summer, all posted here as I receive them.

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